Frequently asked questions

Can I do treatment without using the specialized gel?

Applying the device head to the skin when the skin surface is dry does not result in any sensation. You should apply the specialized gel prior to treatment.

Is there an effective way to move the head?

Move slowly while ensuring that all 4 electrodes are lightly contacting the skin.

What is the most effective time of use?

We recommend using after taking a bath. The skin regenerates between 10pm and 2am. Conduct treatment prior to this to help the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and then have a good sound sleep.
Also, if you are concerned about face bloating, it is effective if you conduct treatment prior to putting on makeup.

How often should I use the device?

You can use the Pure Pulse everyday but 1-2 times per week is OK. The benefits are maintained through long-term, continual treatment.

What do I do after using the Pure Pulse?

Rub in any Pulse Gel remaining on your skin and then apply the skin milk or cream you normally use.

Can the device be used while in the bath?

The device is not water proof and cannot be used in the bath. Protect the main unit from water or solutions as this could result in a malfunction.

Can the device be used for purposes other than aesthetics?

You may gain some relief from tense shoulders, sore joints, or sore muscles as a result of the EMS or high frequency waves but the Pure Pulse is specifically an aesthetic device and should be used for aesthetic and beauty purposes.

Can anyone use the device?

This device should not be used by people using the following electronic devices.
 Pacemaker or other embedded medical electronic device
 Artificial heart, lungs, or other life supporting electronic devices
 Electronic medical devices worn on the body such as heart monitors

The following types of persons should not use this device.
 People with heart conditions
 Women who are pregnant or nursing
 People with allergies or especially sensitive skin

This device should not be used on the following areas of the body.
 Locations containing embedded metal, plastic, or silicon.
 Locations that are injured or inflamed
 If you have had a surgical procedure, laser resurfacing, or deep chemical peeling, or if you are in the recovery phase of such procedures
 Stomach area during menstrual period
 Locations where surgery was performed
 Virus-based warts

※ Do not use for purposes other than aesthetic beauty.
※ Persons undergoing outpatient care should consult with their physician.
※ Stop use immediately if any skin abnormalities occur.

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