Pure Pulse II features

Ultra Pulse Poration Pure Pulse II features New functions Titanium heads 3 Color LED
Total Photo Poration (full-spectrum light)

Three colors of LED are used: Red, blue and yellow.
This brings out your skin's essential beauty and turns troubled skin into beautiful skin.
It provides total aging care.

LED Red Photo Poration

Uses 620 nm waves (±10 nm).
Caring for small wrinkles and skin fatigue, it creates elastic skin with tone and gloss.
It promotes lift and elasticity.

LED Yellow Photo Poration

Uses 590 nm (±10 nm).
It cares for spots and dullness, and gives skin an impression of brightness and cleanliness.
Melanin synthesis inhibition and a fundamental skin-whitening effect.

LED Blue Photo Poration

Uses 415 nm (±10 nm).
It cares for rough skin possibly caused by sebum, turning it into clean skin.
It ameliorates pimples and acne.

LED Flash Toning (full-spectrum light)

Three colors of flashing LED are used: Red, blue and yellow.
Using our original LED flash toning effect, it further supports the osmotic effect of beauty lotion, providing multifaceted skin care.
It applies the overall finishing touches to your skin.

How to use Pure Pulse II

PurepulseⅡ Part names PurepulseⅡ Part names PurepulseⅡ Operating instructions

①Insert the AC adapter plug into the main unit.
②Plug the AC adapter into the wall socket.
 The blue light on the back lights up and the unit enters standby mode.
③Setting the output level
 Press the power switch and choose your desired level.
 Depending on how many times you push it, the level is set to between 1 and 4.
 ※Use Level 1 the first time you use the device, then adjust the level while observing the condition
 (stimulation) of your skin.
 ※Adjusting the level affects the stimulation of the skin, not the amount of LED light.
④You can press the LED selection switch to choose the LED that matches the desired state or
 objective for your skin.
⑤After 10 minutes, it automatically switches off.

PurepulseⅡ Operating instructions PurepulseⅡ Facial treatment PurepulseⅡ Body treatment
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