Pure Pulse(ピュアパルス)Ⅱ Received the highest number of votes at Beauty World Japan.

4 aesthetic device functions in a single unit! From facial to body, full body aesthetics in your own home.

A mixture of “mesoporation”, “mesotherapy”, and “electroporation”. 
“Mesotherapy” is well known for the use of fat dissolving injections and collagen injections. 
Through the use of the latest technology “electroporation”, the active elements of the macromolecules are permeated deep into the skin without the use of a needle.

【EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation)】
Applying electrical stimulation through the skin allows for effective muscle building. 
Concentrated care for the upper arms and other parts of the body. Tone muscle and reduce fat. 
Tone facial expression muscles, typically difficult to move at will without significant effort, to relieve sagging and create a fresh, sharp face line.

【High frequency】
High frequency waves generate friction heat within the body to warm the inner body to an ideal temperature. 
Improve blood flow and lymph nodes to increase metabolism and promote the generation of dermal collagen and estrogen fibers. 
Stimulates the dermal autonomic nerves to provide a relaxing sensation.

【LED(Light emitting diodes )】
LED is a semiconductor capable of emitting a specific color (wavelength). 
Through plant cultivation research at the space station conducted by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Association), it has been discovered that the soothing lights emitted by LED help stimulate the cells. 
The functions of red, yellow, and blue LED work to solve skin problems.

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