Features of the Pure Pulse

The Pure Pulse achieves 4 types of aesthetic care in a single device! From facial to body, the Pure Pulse provides easy-to-use treatment in your own home. Function 1 Mesoporation

“Mesoporation” is the combination of “mesotherapy” and “electroporation”.


A procedure that uses special micro-sized needles to inject medical drugs that are not easily absorbed through the surface of the skin in the body.
For example, fat dissolving injections and collagen injections.


Transmitting electric pulses to the cells causes the formation of temporary openings in cell membranes, allowing macromolecular substances that normally cannot enter the cells to pass through the cell membrane. This method is called electroporation and is used wifely throughout the medical industry.

Using the principles of electroporation, the Pure Pulse allows macromolecules such as collagen and hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep into the inner dermis without the use of needles.The inner dermis plays a vital role in the texture, elasticity, and tone.

Difference compared to ion infusion

For example, with Vitamin C, ion infusion is performed by utilizing the fact that Vitamin C holds a negative electric charge when dissolved in water.
In other words, with ion infusion there is a need to ionize the substance.
With the Pure Pulse, it is possible to infuse substances that do not ionize as well as macro molecular substances.
Furthermore, compared to ion infusion, Purse Pulse enables penetration deep into the skin.

The difference between the iontophoretic
Function 4 EMS

EMS is a method of exercising that tones muscle by transmitting electric current. This allows for simple yet effective muscle training at any time.

Use EMS to tone facial expression muscles !

There are over 30 different types of muscles in the human face and they all word to create a variety of expressions.
On average, we only use approximately 30% of our facial expression muscles.
Left unattended, the facial expression muscles deteriorate with age and result wrinkles and sagging.
Tone facial expression muscles with Pure Pulse to create a new beautiful face line and a wonderful variety of expressions!


Use EMS to create a sexy body!

Training diligently everyday requires very strong will power.
However, the benefit of EMS is that it works your muscles for you using electric stimulation. Muscle toning anywhere, at anytime, even while relaxing!
With Pure Pulse, you can achieve concentrated care on problem areas including your upper arms and waist area.

Function 3 高周波

High frequency waves are used to warm the body to an ideal temperature to improve blood flow and lymph nodes, which in turn improves the metabolism.

When high frequency waves are passed through our bodies, a revolving action occurs among the water and amino acids in cells that that comprise the human body. This results in heat from friction (Joule heat).
Joule heat improves blood cell and lymph flow to increase metabolism and improve the immune system and increase base metabolic rate.
This process also stimulates the autonomic nerves, which provides a sense of relaxation.
Turnover is also improved to promote the production of inner layer collagen and elastin fibers. This improves skin elasticity and water retention to help create moist, firm skin.

Function 4 LED

LED is a semiconductor capable of emitting a specific color (wavelength). The functions of red, yellow, and blue LED work to solve skin problems.

Function 4 LED

Function 4 LED
The red LED at the 630nm (±10nm) wavelength improves blood and lymph flow to stimulate the metabolism.

The yellow LED at the 590nm (±10nm) restricts melanin creation and promotes turnover.

The blue LED at the 415nm (±10nm) wavelength helps eliminate bacteria and reduce inflammation. It is also helpful in the treatment of acne.

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